Contact Lenses

Contact lenses have revolutionised the world of vision. Millions of people in Germany alone enjoy a more active life thanks to the hardly noticeable lenses.

There are, for instance, sports and leisure activities that can be carried out more easily with contact lenses. Contact lenses have been an alternative to spectacles for a long time. They are available in different types. We are specialists for hard or soft daily or monthly lenses, customised lenses for severe astigmatism, keratoconus and keratoplasty care but also for orthokeratology (overnight lenses). Whether for daily wear, occasional wear or only for sports – there are just the right lenses for anything! 

Professional and individual advice and continuous follow-up examinations are another service that we of course offer to you:
  • A large field of vision
  • Good possibilities of correction in cases of bad 
  • They enable a free and easy vision in all types of sport
  • No fogging with temperature changes
  • They offer the possibility of intensifying or changing your eye colour

Contact Lenses:

They can be divided into two groups: hard and soft lenses. The decision for one kind of lens, however, does not solely depend on the type of material. It is essentially determined by the preconditions and individual needs of the customer. You will receive the best possible advice in our store.


All eyes are different. We analyse the geometry of your eyes and their current state of health. Then we can perfectly fit the contact lenses to your needs. With our special equipment, we are able to individually determine the exact form of every eye. Thus, a perfect fitting is always possible. We offer you our carefree package, an all-round service for your eyes.

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